Liquid Ice Corporation

Liquid-Ice® ClearPower LF

Low Foam Cleaner/Degreaser (Concentrate)

Product Description: Liquid-Ice ClearPower LF is a low foaming cleaner/degreaser for the metal working industry. ClearPower LF does not contain solvents or phenol, and is phosphate free.  It also does not contain silicates, which can leave a powdery residue on machined parts and machinery. Liquid Ice ClearPower LF is a heavy duty alkaline cleaner which will quickly remove heavy oil and grease deposits on steel and other ferrous metals, making it the perfect cleaner to use in your parts washers at a 2 - 5% concentration at either room temperature or heated to 140 – 160 degrees farenheit. ClearPower LF is not recommended for cleaning aluminum or brass work pieces. ClearPower LF dries quickly leaving long lasting corrosion protection on your cleaned parts.  Liquid-Ice ClearPower LF is a multi-purpose cleaner which is powerful enough to clean the toughest, grimiest machinery using only a 5% (20:1) dilution, and is the perfect cleaner agent to use to prepare your machinery for any Liquid-Ice Coolant product.