Liquid Ice Corporation

Liquid-Ice® VP (Value Performance)

Machining Coolant and Lubricant

Product Description: Liquid-Ice VP is an alternative to oil-based or semi-synthetic coolants. This fully water-soluble coolant has superb cooling properties at a very competitive price. Liquid Ice VP Coolant has been formulated to provide clear, clean chip flow, with no stickiness on machines, parts or cutting chips. In addition, Liquid Ice VP is highly resistant to foaming even under high pressure applications up to 1000 PSI. VP contains a strong corrosion inhibitor to provide the optimum in tarnish and corrosion prevention on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Liquid-Ice VP has been engineered to be environmentally responsible and safe to both operators and machinery. Liquid-Ice VP does not create mists, vapors or odors and has a long sump life since it is highly resistant to both bacteria and fungus growth in the product. Call us today and request a 4 ounce sample to judge it’s appearance first hand.